Welcome to "Threshold" a space where faith meets creativity, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Join me, Molly Wilcox, as we explore the intersections of a vibrant Christian life and the artistic soul.

Here, we delve into authentic stories, heartfelt reflections, and practical wisdom drawn from my journey as a writer, coach, and dreamer.

In "Threshold," you'll find:

Inspiration for Your Journey: Encouraging stories and insights to empower you to pursue your God-given dreams with boldness and bravery.

Creative Faith Practices: Innovative ways to integrate your faith into daily life and creative endeavors.

Authentic Reflections: Honest musings on the joys and challenges of living a faith-filled, creative life.

Navigating Transitions: Thoughtful guidance on handling life's big changes, from friendship breakups to becoming a mom, with grace and faith.

Community Connection: A supportive space to share, grow, and be inspired by fellow believers navigating similar paths.

Whether you're in the midst of launching a new project, seeking fresh inspiration, or simply wanting to deepen your walk with God, "Threshold" is your weekly invitation to step into the more that God has for you. Together, let's embrace the holy moments and transformative power of our Creator.

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"Threshold" is your weekly invitation to explore the intersection of faith and creativity. Join me every Monday for encouraging stories, creative faith practices, and authentic reflections to empower your journey.


Author empowering faithful creatives to chase after their God-given dreams. My first book “How Much More?” released in August 2022. I live in Franklin, TN with my husband, son & mini goldendoodle 🐶